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Pulso is what keeps us alive.
It is an invitation to seek what drives us, to explore new paths and to thrive.
Because your career is alive and in constant expansion.


Marina Kalaidjian

I am a psychologist with training in executive and career coaching. We will work together in the process of exploring and finding what you are passionate about: a job that makes you happy.

We leverage your strengths and knowledge to boost your career. For this, we build on your values, motivations, and what you want to contribute to the world. Finding meaning in what we do is essential to enjoy the journey and live a more fulfilling life.

I work with professionals who want to transform their careers and with young people in vocational and career guidance programs, from all over the world, with online and face-to-face meetings, both in Spanish and English. I facilitate learning experiences in organizations, and I am a university professor. I volunteer with NGOs that advocate for workforce inclusion and access to education.

Boost your career

Impulsá tu carrera

Pulso Teen

Vocational and Career Guidance

A program that will help you become more self-aware to make better decisions, by incorporating information on careers and the world of work into your inner world. Your future is your own. Let’s create your life plan together!


Pulso Career

Career Coaching

This journey will help you rethink your career by finding the reason behind it, identifying your talents and interests, and connecting with what you want to offer to others and to yourself… what makes you happy.​


Pulso Executive

Executive Coaching

Personalized sessions to identify and overcome the obstacles that keep you from achieving your career goals, building on your strengths, and developing your skills to take your career to the next level.


Pulso Talent Labs

Corporate Workshops

Experiential workshops and team coaching sessions designed to develop skills with an expressive/reflective approach aimed at enhancing wellbeing within teams in the workplace and improving organizational results.



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